„…The history of painting is full of splendid works that show to the spectator with foaming spray, raging floods the threatening power of water and make him aware of his helplessness. The pictures you see here have chosen a different way: they approach you very calmly, aesthetically and beautifully, even though not without irritations - you often ask yourself, what is hidden behind the obvious. But the threatening aspect that evokes the feeling of devouring and being devoured arises from the fact, that the photo makes visible that the water’s structure has no contour….“

Quoted from the speech that Claudia Burkhardt-Mussmann held on the occasion of the inauguration of the exhibition in „Die Fabrik“, Frankfurt, 4.12.2011



2011 cultural center „Fabrik“, Frankfurt

2014 gallery „Social Manufactory“, Frankfurt

2014 gallery „Meeting Point“, Frankfurt

2014/2015 gallery of the restaurant Megaron, Frankfurt

2015 gallery „Moving Arts“, Freiburg/Germany